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Milk Indigestion

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

We see a lot of people with chronic indigestions which they ascribe to a multitude of different foods.  One of the things we see with great frequency is lactose intolerance.  This is usually a straightforward condition which is identifiable by most individuals by just paying attention to what causes the problem.  The culprits are, of course, foods which contain milk (lactose).  The symptoms will vary from person to person, and the severity of these is also very variable.  Most people will complain of excessive gas, cramping and increased disconfort.  Some people will have a variable amounts of diarrhea.  In the elderly population, burdened with constipation, many times, this is a welcome side effect.  The treatment for this condition varies with the severity, and most of the time can be effectively controlled by avoiding lactose.  There are several over the counter supplements which will aid in the digestion of milk products, i.e., Lactaid.  Ramon A Garcia MD FACP.